March 7 RLC Lecture Presents Medical Education Research

Nicole Borges, Ph,D.The next Research Learning Community (RLC) Lecture will be held Thursday, March 7, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. in Room 120 White Hall. All BSOM faculty and students are invited to attend.

The lecture will survey “Medical Education Research at WSU” with a panel of faculty and medical student investigators led by Nicole Borges, Ph.D. (left), professor of community health and assistant dean of medical education research and evaluation. Faculty presentations include (* speaker):

  • “Do we Need Traditional Cadaver Dissection in an Integrated Problem-based Learning Medical Course?” by Barbara Kraszpulska, Ph.D.*, Assistant Professor, Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology, and Shanika Ranasinghe, MSIV; and
  • “Use of an Audience Response System (ARS) in an Interactive Histology Laboratory” by Larry Ream, Ph.D.*, Associate  Professor, Neuroscience, Cell Biology and Physiology, and Patrick Feasel*, MSIV.

Student presentations include (* speaker):

  • “Is There a Right Way to Study for Medical School Exams? How Medical Students’ Personal and Academic Habits Affect Their Exam Performance” by Cathy Ulman, MSIII;
  • “Evaluating Student Perceptions of Clinical Quality and Safety: an Interdisciplinary and International Study” by Lakshman Swamy, MSIV*, Colleen McCormick, MSIV, Arvind Suguness, MSIV, Jake McKeegan, MSIV, Karen Kirkham, M.D., Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Nicole Borges, Ph.D., Professor, Community Health; and
  • “Extending Healer’s Art:  Developing a Finding Meaning in Medicine Group for 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students” by Meaghan Ebetino, MSIV, Sonya Hovsepian, MSIV*, Colleen McCormick, MSIV, Evangline Andarsio, M.D., Miami Valley Hospital, Karen Kirkham, M.D., Associate Professor, Internal Medicine, Mike Rabow, University of California- San Francisco.

Dinner will be provided on March 7. Please RSVP to Adam Deardorff ( if you plan to attend.

The Research Learning Community (RLC) is an evolving collaboration  among medical students, faculty, and the Office of Research Affairs at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. The RLC promotes research opportunities and seeks to build a supportive learning environment for medical student research.

See the RLC Lecture schedule for 2012-2013.

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