Medical Students Sought for Surgical Technology Study

WSU medical students are invited to participate in a study aimed at developing a new surgical technology to aid in gallbladder surgery. Participation in this study is voluntary and participants can withdraw their participation at any time.

Should you choose to participate, you will be shown a series of images mimicking the gallbladder and biliary system, and will be asked to respond to questions regarding each image. It is estimated this will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. All files will be sent to you electronically, and you will be able to complete them at your leisure. Your responses will be anonymous and you will not be identified personally.

If you would like to participate, contact Amie Miller, M.D. ( and the description of the study along with images, and instructions for completion of the study, will be sent to you.

Co-investigators in the study are Dr. Miller in the WSU Department of Surgery and Caroline Cao; Ph.D., in the WSU Department of Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering, and the Department of Surgery.

Student recruitment for this research study has been approved by the Assistant Dean for Medical Education Research and Evaluation in the BSOM Office of Academic Affairs.

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